Breakfast club!

What do you see? A girl, A basketball and basketball court..

Lets thank God for giving us another chance to be in this world alhamdulliallah. I feel guilty I smoked and I know I’m going to be smoking for the rest of the day but at least I’m realizing I’m doing something wrong at the same time you can’t just quit right away. It takes time and you need to take step by step. I had good breakfast with some friends . Just simple breakfast eggs, hash browns and some toast with water☕️. What I love doing everyday is taking at least 30mins -2hrs of my free time to play with my mind. I’ll just sit and think and enjoy Mother Nature or like today picked up the ball and started shooting. I love and look forward to things that makes me feel happy and get a positive outcome out of it. Take your life slowly and change things the right way.” You can do it believe on yourself”.


One thought on “Breakfast club!

  1. Since I don’t have friends I’ll comment on this it been at least 5months since I used this app but reading the past pushes me hard to look forward for the future alx. It been 33days since I smoked it feels really great and I’m glad I’m working hard on this . Thank u Allah for everything AlX.🤗

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