Productive Monday 

I actually don’t know what to write but I promise myself I have to write something at least. 

How was your day?

My day was amazing! I woke up so early and actually I accomplished what regular people do everyday. I really feel happy about everything that’s happening in my life. I thank the Almighty without God I would not be able to feel the way I feel. God always plan everything for me and I just push myself to do positive things. I read my daily quotes, plan a daily To Do List and I actually went through the whole list by checking what I did for the day. I went to job services and I applied couple jobs. I finally got a interview Tuesday 2/9/16 at 2pm. Thank God for everything. I also went to social services to apply for food stamps and health care. I’m just glad the ladies in the office were so nice to me. May God bless their kind heart. At this moment I’m at Barnes Noble writing this because we do not have any internet service in our empty apartment. I am so happy to be around Sagal and Amina. May Allah bless them. They’re always there for me and they are just wonderful people. Well there goes my Monday. I know I did a lot today but I will do more tomorrow In’sha’Allah. Good night folks ☺️


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