Keep it Positive

I had amazing week, I finally got a job and I get to start on Monday 2/15/16 ALX. God is Great! I just feel like God is always watching over me and each and everyday I get more blessing from Allah. How I feel right now I am just a little mad about my sister. We just had a little argument. I tried to explain it to her that I wasn’t the first person who told my big brother that she got fired. I guess nobody thinks I’m telling the truth. But I will try to be positive and mind my own business. At least I tried and she would not listen to me. Anyways I can’t messed up my night for over a little stupid argument. Beside the argument I feel accomplished by doing the right things and trying so hard to have better week than last week. Thank you Allah for everything and In’sha’Allah everything will be okay. I will work hard each and everyday and always push harder to do better than yesterday because tomorrow is never promised.Thank u again to the Almighty for protecting me and providing the oxygen for me to breathe in, and also making sure I am always okay.😍🙏🏻


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