The Past

AAA, You should be proud of your parents for naming you that name. That name fits you for real. Hope you’re having a good day or night or whatever because seems like we’re in a different world. I just got done talking to you on the phone what a coincidence. You always know when Im thinking about you. But hey let me stop reminiscing about the past. Let me write about you and let me know if I’m wrong on this. I know I’m always right when it comes to you AAA. Did you know that you are very talented, intelligent, brilliant and gifted human being.  God Almighty sent you my way for a reason. I’m really glad to met someone special like you. I never thanked you for everything you have done for me, not only material stuff, but also changing my life and making me be a better person. You made me strong, smart and adventurous. You made me brave AA to the point I’m not scared of anything in this world. You know AA, i will always be there for you no matter what. I just want you to be happy and have a better life. I know you’re going through hard times right now, but its a test from God. God is showing you that any seconds any minutes or any hours you’re life can end. Losing someone that you loved is the most painful thing that can happen to anyone. I lost a mother at long age, it hurts until now but i can’t do anything about it. God created my Mom and you’re brother and God took them back. ” Every soul shall taste Death”. We all going to die and we all going to get Judged by Allah. Im sorry if you felt like I’m avoiding to talk to you about your brother’s death. I seriously like to avoid that topic and talk about something different. I like to see a smile on your face and its not fair because i have only 15minutes to see your face. I rather make you smile and comfort you, you already have all these people talking to you about your brother. I pray for him and may Allah ease your parents pain. Anyways do you remember Gateway Motel in STC, that three weeks I stayed with you. I remember how happy you were when you came back from your Somali warehouse job in the morning and you brought me breakfast the baris your mom packed it for you to take for work. Funny thing i ate it. Do you remember when i drove to Williston with you last year to visit sega? lol.


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