Why do I do this writing?

First of all let me Thank the almighty for waking me up healthy. Thank you Allah for your blessing this morning. My name is What’s so ever and i am not a writer. I am only writing this because I fell like it will help me with this world stress. I am currently at my sister’s house. I only slept four hours last night and woke up at 8am. The only reason I woke up so early is my nephew woke up late for school and the first thing he asked me for was what time is it? So when I went back to sleep thinking I’ll get back to my sleep. My niece starts crying so loud. Since my sister took my nephew to school to drop him. I was actually thinking she was ignoring my niece crying, so I woke up so angry telling her to do something about her crying. Well I guess I was dreaming my sister was gone and there goes my sleep. I made some milk for my baby niece I fed her and she was still crying. I played around with her but she’s still crying. Finally her mother came in and I was so happy. 

Anyways I really want to do a lot with my life and I think writing a blog about my day or what I am going through will help me ease my pain and make me move forward to achieve my goals. Well I have couple things to do in mind. 

First goal is to slowly change myself to a better person every single day. I have to help myself to get used to my mind and control my Nafs. I have to be really strong and positive about my choices and what Allah brings towards me. I have to start praying daily and ask Allah for forgiveness of my sins. I have to be very honest about myself and follow my daily planner each and everyday. My first goal is to just change the small little things in my life.

Second goal is I have to get a job and start working. I applied a lot of places but I just feel like I need to try harder and in’sha’Allah  Allah will guide me and help me get something eventually.

Third goal is to pay my bills and start school in’sha’Allah in fall 2016. I really need this to happen so I’ll do anything to get my school back and Allah will guide me in’sha’Allah. I have to make my dad happy and make him feel proud of his daughter. Have patience Allah will help those who wait longer and Always remember in order to achieve anything in this world Allah Almighty is the creator of the life in this world and the worldhereafter-and  in’sha’Allah Allah will guide me to the right path. 

Thank you Allah for everything you have gave me and the blessings I get every seconds I take a breathe. And also everything that’s coming towards me in the future Alham’dulli’Allah. 


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